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Coventry City of Languages

An inter-organisational project to promote languages and language learning across Coventry

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  • To link all primary and secondary MFL departments and co-ordinators to ensure the best possible provision and excellent transition between KS2 and 3, between GCSE and A-level and between A-level and university

  • To build relationships with organisations across Coventry, and beyond, who value MFL and languages, as well as the arts and beyond.

  • To have one hub so that events relating to language learning are advertised in a single place

  • To create opportunities for cultural capital

  • To be a forward thinking and leading consortium to inspire language learning

  • To offer CPD and training to teachers within the LA (and outside?) in good practice.

  • To appoint 'patrons' for Coventry City of Languages to help us to inspire young people and promote the need for language learning.

  • To advise and train head teachers, in particular Primary head teachers who may not have full understanding of MFL within the curriculum

  • To build a bank of resources for MFL teachers (in particular primary) to support, improve provision and quality.

  • To celebrate ALL languages spoken in our schools and communities

  • To engage parents in both supporting their children's language learning, and educating them on the importance of MFL.

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